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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 24, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning. crews are keeping a close eye on other batches rods manufacturers two years after the faulty rods. they will have to be strength test tested as well. built to the same specifications, so why did one group of connecting rods fail, another one hasn't? >> crews may be feeling pressure to get that done. thousands of people are hoping to walk, run and bike across the bridge labor day weekend. meantime, retired materials engineer says more of those rods on the new bay bridge could snap unless caltrans replaces them with less vulnerable steel. an expert on metals submitted a 32-page analysis to bay area officials earlier this week. the agency installed rods that were harder on the surface than
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they should have been and that may have been more susceptible to failure. chung is set to meet with engineers. being hailed as heroes this morning, ended up running into a homeless shelter caught on fire. this happened after 6:00 at the villa, a shelter for women and children. thanks to their quick thinking, thankfully, nobody was hurt. stephen gifford was parking his car outside the fraternity when he was on his way to class and saw smoke and flames. >> i'm a certified emt. i'm kind of trained to take on situations like that. so, just acted first, think second. >> way to go, man. he and a few of his brothers from the fraternity ran into that build iing, yelling, knockg
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on doors. santa fe firefighters quickly put the flames out. the cause being investigated, but firefighters think it may have been started on a patio on that third floor. about 30 people inside the building during the flames are now staying at another shelter. grief counselors will be on school to talk to students about the sudden death of a school counselor. sandy padgett was found dead early monday morning. authorities think her husband killed her and then tried to kill himself. he is in the hospital in critical condition and cannot speak. padgett was a teacher and counselor in san jose and worked there since 1998. after it was shut down last night, following a nearby deadly shooting, police closed the station 10:30 after the shooting at the intersection of 13th and broadway. officers have not released any information about who was shot or a motive. so far, there have been no
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arrests. >> the trial continues for a prominent defense attorney fighting to keep a law license. morna brown admitted to unknowingly smuggling a hit list out of jail. she confessed to hiding a handwritten note after visiting him in 2010. she said she thought the note was a love letter for a girlfriend but turned out to be a hit list. brown can be disbarred for the offense. >> the santa clara county sheriff's department right now hoping you would can catch a would-be robber. they want talk to this man. they say a friend pulled a gun on the driver parked outside. that driver quickly reversed and got out without getting hurt. deputies think that man in that
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video is a frequent 7-eleven customer and could help them catch the would-be robber. last seen in monterey county in april 17th where officers say he stole a gray mercedes, found later in palo alto. he also stole vehicles in sonoma, marin and santa clara counties in april. 4:37 right now. rob mayeda, in for christina loren, tells us expect a cool-off. i instantly felt it last night, rob. >> you can notice the changes, wind shifting from offshore to onshore. huge difference in temperatures for inland locations, livermore specifically. 49 degrees this morning. 47 in san francisco, 50 in san
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jose. it's 20 degrees cooler. we've lost the north winds. it's really warmed up the north bay and east bay valleys. the sea breeze will be the main part. the sea breeze will lock in the low clouds along the coast and inner bay for the morning. lunchtime, low clouds around san francisco. a sign of a cool down here in san francisco as that fog is going to stick around to 4:00 and 5:00 in the evening. by lunchtime, we should see 60s and low 70s inland. not much in the way of 80s. the cooling has arrived. we'll be even cooler tomorrow. that will be the coolest day in the next seven days. a little bit of warming. sunshine winning out for the weekend. mike? >> all right, rob. pretty winning commute. 101 underneath 680, 2806789101 is not the problem.
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steady flow of traffic. almost always the case in this area. we'll show you the map. approaching there on the southbound 280, we still see a little bit of slowing. it was pretty extensive the last time we took a look. just recomputing because we don't have any incidents through the area. it should be another five minutes before things start to clear. all these sensors, whatever was moving slowly through the area clears out. no major problems, including construction crews a couple of lanes blocked. we talked about that, for southbound 880, southbound 101 out of palo alto. it's cleared. university, few taillights in the area heading toward construction at embarcardero. that might be what's going on there. we'll track it, but no incidents. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a sneak peek at how crowded the trains are before stepping on board. visit bart's website and plan your trip. it will show icons with different numbers of heads. three heads indicates heavy crowding out there.
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bart officials do pointed out, however, the data is not in real time. instead, it's merely using historical data, which officials say are very accurate. this could be the transportation of the future, jon. city of mountainview calling on the federal government to help get pod cars off the ground. fda offer a competitive $4 million grant to american companies developing the automated transit network technology. that technology allows drivers -- driver-less transit vehicles to run along magnetic overhead rails. >> i think i remember seeing that on the cartoon, the jettisons back when i was a kid, right? >> the jettisons. >> it's finally here. back home safe and sound, solar plane makes it home safe and sound before leaving for its next mission. major hacking group's leader
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in handcuffs. investigation into the boston marathon bombing. we'll let you know what police are now telling the suspect's mother.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 4:43. mission accomplished for a revolutionary plane that does not use a single drop of fuel. 16 hours yesterday nonstop. it landed late last night. the aircraft has a wing span of a 747 jet but uses power equal to an electric scooter. >> that is impressive to watch. very cool. >> isn't it kind of cool? would you like to ride on it? do you trust it? >> absolutely. >> i think so. a little cockpit just for the pilot right now. solar impulse that uses the s sun's rays, of course, to charge its 12,000 solar cells. when the sun goes down, it uses the charge that's stored in the batteries. very efficient. the plane is scheduled to take off next week for a cross-country flight. >> smooth, relaxing flight. >> yeah. >> we have new details about when google will start releasing its glass to the public. and burger king could start
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delivering directly to your door. i like the sounds of that. i'll take fries with that shake. courtney reagan is at the new york stock exchange. >> futures are higher after stocks rose for a third day, posting a gain on 15 straight tuesdays, the first time that's happened since 1927. a few minutes of panic midday when a fake tweet from the associated press caused markets to plunge briefly before recovering, once we realized that that tweet was, in fact, not real and the account had been hacked. on durable goods and earnings for eli lily and procter & gamble, closing 14,719. nasdaq up 35. you're going to have to wait to get a new pair of google glasses. it won't be available to most consumers until next year, despite early promises to have them on sale this year.
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a wearable smart phone allowing people to surf the web, take photos and google chat. home of the whopper is coming to your home. bu burger king is expanding home delivery service to chicago, san francisco and l.a. you can order by phone or online between 11:00 am and 10:00 pm. orders must be a minimum of $10, though. burger king already delivers in washington, new york, houston and miami. something that i just learned today. >> that's awesome. i guess we'll all soon have it our way. courtney reagan, we'll check back a little later on. >> be a true couch potato with those fries. >> bag of couch potato. let's check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda, in for christina, getting up early the last few days. >> that's right. it's been fairly warm. not the case this morning. sea breeze is back and temperatures, especially inland, in the tri-valley a will the cooler than yesterday. you can see it's 49 degrees in
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livermore. upper 40s to near 50 degrees. sea breeze has come back. temperature drop extreme for the north bay and livermore. 20 degrees plus cooler than yesterday the same time. we've lost the north winds and the offshore breeze that warmed up the area overnight. sea breeze has come back and woel see cooler temperatures in the inland valley. some of the low clouds pushed in this morning. with the winds picking up, sea breeze -- good news for ground level ozone and our air quality, back in the good range. wish i could say the same for the pollen. would need some rain to knock that out of the skies. just not going to see it. sign of cooling arrived late yesterday, will continue to be part of the forecast for the coast and peninsula, heading through the afternoon. low clouds around san francisco. sunshine inland. all-day sea breeze will keep temperatures running quite cool. future cast into tomorrow, fog runs inland, altimont pass into
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fairfield. that will lead to a cooler day tomorrow. low to mid 60s around santa cruz. maybe close to 80 in pleasanton and fairfield. that may be a tad optimistic. we'll see numbers closer to 60 in san francisco, low 70s in the north bay if not upper 60s in the south bay. next couple of days running cooler. could have drizzle tomorrow morning as low clouds thicken up and move further inland. friday, breezi and dry again as temperatures dry a bit. moving into the weekend. could see a few 80s returning just in time. back to you. >> little something for everyone. thank you very much. as the investigation into the boston marathon bombing continues, the healing process is certainly under way. boyleston street, where the bombings occurred, was reopened to the public. boston's mayor allowed people who live and work on the street to return with escorts. today, everyone will be allowed,
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finally, back on to that street. meantime, federal investigators in russia this morning, talking to the parents of the accuseds about ton bombers. the mother of dzhokhar tsarnaev was told she could see her son, who is said to be in fair condition at boston hospital. investigators are talking to him in his hospital room. they say it appears neither he nor his brother, tamerlan had links to terror groups. tamerlan, killed in a shootout, often looked at extremist websites. memorial service will be held for the m.i.t. police campus officer who, authorities say, was killed by the boston bombing suspects. vice president biden and his wife, jill, are expected to attend the private memorial for officer sean collier. officers think he was killed by the boston marathon suspects because they wanted his gun. in west texas, a funeral is set for one of the people killed in that massive fertilizer plant
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explosion. 52-year-old kenneth harris jr. will be the first person laid to rest following that blast that simply leveled a large portion of that town last week. such a terrifying scene out there. a native of west, texas, and was working as a volunteer firefighter at the time of the blast. at least 14 people were killed. 200 more were injured during last week's deadly explosion. one of two men accused in a terror plot in canada will be in court today. canadian investigators say the pair planned to derail a train that ran from new york city to canada. both were arrested monday during a joint operation between canadian law enforcement and federal agencies. the terror suspects allegedly received from al qaeda in iran. iranian leaders are denying any involvement in the plot. police in australia say they've captured the self proclaimed head of the international hacking operative. they will not release the name but say he is the head of the
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lewell sect, claiming responsibility for cyber attacks against government websites such as the cia and companies such as sony pictures and nintendo. >> let's be clear, we are not dealing with small, petty crime here. the potential for such access has huge ramifications for society. >> that suspect was reportedly in a position of trust in an international company and had access to sensitive information to clients including government agencies. 4:51. the search is on for a piece of giants history stolen from at&t park. we have details. but first -- >> what's all that racket? it's a new kind of noise maker for sporting events. what's so annoying about the world cup in africa? making a move banning it.
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what organizers have created for the upcoming world cup and why it's better. drowsy right now, looking for a smooth drive, no problem force the bay bridge. we'll show you what's going on for the east bay. couple of trouble spots coming up. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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welcome back, everybody. 4:54 right now. police are on the lookout for the plaque honoring former giants star barry bonds at at&t
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park. it is now missing. right there where it used to be hanging right beyond center field. the memorial marked that spot where bonds hit the record-setting 756 career home run. it was stolen last week some time. the giants say right now they're in the process of trying to replace it and, no, they're not involving the police, saying that would be, quote, a waste of taxpayer money. the team is planning to look at a week's worth of security video to try to pin down and catch the thief. meantime, the warriors are back in the bay area this morning, tied in the playoff series, where the nuggets are one game a piece. putting on a show in denver last night. they hammered the nuggets, 131 to 117, shooting a playoff franchise record of 65% from the field. >> they were awesome. >> in short, they were. the next two games will be at oracle arena. >> grab control of that series. >> meantime, sharkies are headed for the playoffs for the ninth
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straight year beating the stars 3-2 to come from behind in fashion scoring. final minutes of the game. what a great one. late last night, team announced tickets for the playoff series will go on sale on friday morning at 10:00 am. sharks have two more games. >> the warriors win the playoffs, sharks qualify for the playoffs. even better right now. mike inouye is here to tell us about traffic. we believe. we believe it will be slower through oakland and later on. right now, we have some construction picking up northbound with those taillights north of the coliseum, home of the warriors there. we're looking over toward the flashing lights as they remove crews from that fast lane. we look at the maps. traffic break expected the next few minutes heading downtown as well. few more crews to lose out of the area.
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dub lin interchange. back to you. good news, we may have found a replacement, brazilian musician created this instrument that will be used during the world cup hosted by brazil. it makes a rattling sound, soothing sound, to be kinder and gentler than the horn in the 2010 world cup in south africa. there it is. >> it sounds like the rain sticks a little bit. >> yeah. therapeutic. the horn was later banned by the soccer governing bored. now we'll have the shakers. >> i don't know. en masse it might still be loud.
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>> you could be right. we'll see. one-way tickets to other states for patients. crashing with police in paris as the anger over realization of same-sex marriages reaches a violent level.
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on the search for a serial car thief. why deputies are warning that he could be dangerous. that story, coming up. and new moves on capitol hill to try to expand yosemite national park. seeing big changes in our weather this morning. low clouds surging back inland. starting to see that traffic ease on to west 880. a crash report somewhere around university avenue. we'll see if we can spot that in berkeley, coming up. waiting for the sun's arrival, slowly creeping up on this wednesday morning, april 24th. this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. thank you, everybody. on the lookout for a serial car thief who has made his mark in the five bay area counties, at least. authorities say the crime spree started last month. but now they do have reason to believe that suspect may be more dangerous than first thought. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in palo alto where that suspect was last seen earlier this week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. a woman who hitched a ride said he dropped her off on skyline boulevard. she called 911 because she became nervous and frightened after he brought up the topic of weapons and mentioned that he had a knife. she was able to i.d. him through a photo shown to her as the man who picked him up as dmitry
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storm, 43-year-old man who authorities want in connection of the robbery of at least ten cars from sonoma, marin, santa cruz since the start of april. san mateo county office is looking to see whether he stole another car not far from where he dropped off the hitchhiker. telling our sister station in monterey county that storm has a history of violence, considered armed and dangerous. his mother believes otherwise and is just pleading for her son to turn himself in. >> i don't think he would harm anybody unless they were harming him. i think he is just trying to get away from everything. he is just in escape mode. he is not looking to hurt people. >> reporter: storm's mother agreed to talk to our sister station on the condition that she could not be identified. she does say when he was 19 years old, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. her son is also accused of


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